Emily Glazebrook

Emily Glazebrook

I am very passionate about the role I play here at Paragon Financial Services as a Paraplanner. I support the advisors on the team and work directly with them to handle much of the behind the scenes prep work required for our clients.

My job is to help my colleagues focus their time and expertise on that specialized client attention, instead of on tasks like data gathering, data entry, follow up, and other administrative related tasks. I take great pride knowing my role helps the advisors focus more on these relationships.

I am extremely lucky to have found my dream job right out of college. I find real joy in helping our clients reach their goals, and watching how our VantagePoint Formula can help change their lives.

After spending two years at Lynchburg College, I graduated from Randolph Macon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Finance. I have worked in many sectors of the financial world, including tax planning and real estate.

I have always been interested in why and how things work. I love to put all the puzzle pieces together. I also enjoy interacting with clients, getting to know them, and helping them see a clear picture of their financial future.

Outside of the office I love spending time with my friends and family. I grew up in West Point, VA with a very supportive and close-knit family, riding horses and playing volleyball. My parents have always been my biggest advocates. I have been blessed with the same group of friends since middle school and consider them my second family.

In my free time you can find me playing with my French Bulldog, Loulou, watching my brother play baseball for the University of Charleston or spending time with my parents and friends. I look forward to being able to travel the world and see many different places.


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