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Our Process

A key element of our work that we believe differentiates us from other financial groups is our proprietary financial planning process, known as the VantagePoint FORMula®.

The beauty of our process is that it ensures we never lose sight of two essential elements to achieving financial independence. The two elements are: What MATTERS most to you and what we can CONTROL. We never lose sight of that, and strive to empower you with the knowledge you need to design and shape your life around what matters the most to you. We remain your guide, keeping our focus on the set of your sail rather than the direction of the wind.

Discover what matters most to you

Design your optimal financial future

Deploy your financial plan

The VantagePoint FORMula

We have crafted our proprietary VantagePoint FORMula around the understanding that our clients’ lives are complex, and vary greatly. Our clients have different careers, different families, different lifestyles, different aspirations. What’s important to one might not matter to another.

Our process was created to ensure we approach your personalized plan from your VantagePoint. It is truly centered around your priorities, your goals and your hopes for the future.

Why and how?

Our experience over the years tells us that Family Investment Legacy, a Work Optional Lifestyle and your Recreational Bucket List become more important as your life unfolds. Our focus is based on the “WHY’s” that exist in your life around Family, Occupation and Recreation. Money is simply “HOW” we will get there and will be covered in our discovery session.

Why? For your Family, for your Occupation and for your Recreation

How? You accomplish the “Why” by harnessing the power of your Money

The six components of the VantagePoint FORMula

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Your Wealth Management Journey =

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Wealth management and financial planning are not one size fits all. There is no universal system. But there is a FORMula. The FORMula brings together all the elements of your financial picture. By combining all the pieces of your unique financial circumstances, we create a uniquely individual and completely comprehensive advice experience.

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How our FORMula works for you

We know and love how unique our clients are, and how each of them is a part of a very different picture. That picture is made up of both significant and far less obvious pieces, and by using our specialized VantagePoint FORMula we will capture it all to create a comprehensive, completely customized wealth management experience.

We believe we go to greater lengths and higher heights to get that 360⁰, panoramic VantagePoint view. We don’t just see your financial picture, but all the elements that make it what it is and everything it impacts.

Once you’ve seen how it works, you’ll know how you can create the financial future you desire and deserve. As life unfolds and your needs evolve, our process continues to keep you on the right path.


We’ll discover everything about you, your current situation, and where you want to go.

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We’ll develop an executable plan to work towards achieving your optimal outcome.

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We’ll dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your financial goals.



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